About us

InGrain is a Finnish oats export company, newly founded in 2018 as a joint venture. We have decades of experience in farming and domestic grain trade, which we combine with expertise in information technology. InGrain is an agile company with a low hierarchy. We operate in Southern Ostrobothnia, on the west coast of Finland.

InGrain is not just an agent. We have own farming and a wide supply chain from multiple sources. For smaller local farms we provide drying service in four facilities near our main warehouse at the port of Kristinestad. Larger farms deliver oats directly to our warehouse at the port. Each batch is sampled and quality assurance is done by a 3rd party.

In our operating model there are less middlemen and we only sell oats we have in stock to avoid surprises or delayed deliveries.

Farming heritage

Farming brings us know-how and experience – We know our product and are proud of our work. We always want to be a reliable partner towards our clients, suppliers and other local farmers.

At our own farms we have hands-on experience in all of the phases in cultivation, including harrowing, sowing, eliminating weeds, harvesting and autumn plowing. Through cultivation rotation we also grow barley, wheat and oil seeds. The farms are family-owned and have a total cultivation area of 450 hectares.

The biggest of the InGrain farms is in Karijoki, a small rural village, which main activity is agriculture. Ostrobothnia is known for its flat landscape, but Karijoki actually lies in a river valley, surrounded by low hills, which creates good growing conditions. The farm has been cultivated since the 1800’s and stems from one of the oldest original estates in the area. During the ownership of the previous generation the farm grew and focused on dairy cattle. After the transfer to the next generation in 1987 the farm changed its focus towards grain cultivation and trade. The first larger investment in a grain dryer was made in 1991 and in 1995 the cows left the farm. To increase the grain drying capacity a second dryer was installed in 1997, enabling a total capacity of 440 hectolitres. In 2008, the farm again increased its drying capacity by 550 hectolitres. Today the total cultivated area is 300 hectares. The farm has since 2004 used our own internet based grain reception software, which we have developed to manage logistics, quality assurance and financial administration. The suppliers receive electronic receipts and each outgoing batch is documented electronically.

Our Products

Finest quality

We take pride in our work and aim at exceeding the average quality standards. Our food grade oat grains are large and hold a beautiful pale colour. Moisture is below 14 % and the amount of small grains (2,00 mm) is on average below 8 %. Hectolitre weight is usually above 55, and during especially good seasons even above 60. Protein levels are 11-13 % of dry matter.

Long summer days

Because of our position above the 60° latitude, we have a unique environment and nature to grow our finest oats. Long summer days, a clean climate and pure soil give our oats the best conditions for growth and gaining weight. The short and intense summer gives our oats big kernels and small percentage of shells.

Cold winters

Our cold winters make the environment tough for plant diseases and pests, killing most of them under the snow. Because we have a naturally low disease pressure, we don’t necessarily have to use pesticides to eliminate plant diseases. That also means low pesticide residues in oats and a safe product to customers.

Pure water

Finland as a land of a thousand lakes and according to Unicef, our water is the purest in the world. Drinking tap water is a privilege every Finn can enjoy every day. The annual amount of precipitation in Finland varies between 500 and 650 millimetres. Our oat fields are covered with snow for a total of 3-4 months a year on average.

High milling yield

Thanks to the harsh growing conditions and the know-how in breeding the Finnish oats have an excellent grain structure and durability. The amount of dust and waste is also very low, thanks to the comprehensive drying process, which is done without exception. These characteristics give our oats outstanding processing properties and a high milling yield.

Strong local presence

In addition to the main warehouse at the port of Kristinestad we operate in four different locations: Karijoki, Närpes, Pirttikylä and Ylistaro. Small batches from the surrounding farms are channeled through these facilities whereas larger truckloads are received directly at the port.

All our facilities are within 100 km from the port. Our total drying capacity is over 1200 hectolitres, which enables us to serve a large amount of small local farmers. Totally we source grain from an 8000 km2 operating area.

Together with our partners we offer turn key grain deliveries for international customers. Storage, laboratory tests, shipping and handling are carried out by skilled professionals. The port of Kristinestad has great sea and land accessibility, therefore it is an optimal place for our oats export.

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